PES 6 Kitserver 6.7.1 by Juce


PES 6 Kitserver by Juce

Kitserver 6 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. It is a loader and manager for various modules.

Kserv Module 6.6.4 was historically the first module implemented (that's where Kitserver got its original name from). It provides an alternative way of managing players and goalkeeper kits outside of the game's AFS file: you organize the PNG or BMP kit images into an external database, which is basically a collection of folders and files that follows few simple rules. Also, you are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - you can have as many as you like.

NOTE: Those who have some experience with editing previous versions of Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven, know that every team used to have kit slots in 0_text.afs. In PES6, however, only "licensed" teams have the slots, which makes it pretty much impossible to import kits for "unlicensed" teams by editing the AFS.
With Kitserver, however, there is no such limitation, so you can have the kits for all teams - licensed and unlicensed!

The BallServer Module 6.6.4 does similar things to KitServer, it offers the possibility of chosing a ball from the GDB. Of course it is possible to store as many balls as you like. You can use different texture sizes for the balls: standard - 256x256, and also 512x512 and 1024x1024.

LOD Mixer Module 6.6.4 allows to make some tweaks to the graphics engine of the game, such as Level-of-Detail ajustment, crowd-fix, automatic aspect ratio correction, as well as choosing some locked parameters for Cup/League/ML/Online modes - such as how full the stadium should be, for example.

If you want to use additional stadiums, take a look at Stadium Server 6.6.4. With it, you can organize your stadiums in GDB and again have as large collection as you wish, only limited by your hard disk space. Another benefit of using Stadium Server is that you can pick the stadium in situations where the game itself doesn't offer you such an option: for example in league, cup modes or during online matches.

Faceserver Module 6.6.5 controls players faces and hair. You can assign a face BIN and a hair BIN to any player, so potentially every single player in the game can have his own face/hair! (If you have a big hard drive of course).

Due to popular demand, we have also created Bootserver Module 6.7.0 module, which allows you to assign each player his own boots. With bootserver, you are no longer limited by 9 slots for boots that the game offers.

AFS2FS Module 6.6.4 module allows you to organize your patches into folders and files, instead of inserting them into AFS-files. This way, you can quickly add/remove patches, and also never worry about needing to re-build AFS, because of lack of space for a particular BIN.

Homepage :


6.7.1 :

- fixed occasional issues with HD faces/hairs

6.7.0 :

- fserv: HD faces and hair
- dxtools: support for internal resolution modifier
- speeder: modify game speed
- bootserv: fixed crash, when random boots mode was used with no boots in GDB
- camerazoomer: module by reddwarf to alter camera settings

However, with only Kitserver itself installed you will not see the right kits, faces, balls and so on. For that you will need to fill your GDB with the right graphics and files. Read this manual to know how you can insert them. Then look around the web and get the files you want. There are also some very big patches which already offer you a filled GDB.


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