Solving Common Problems in Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Tips & Trik Mengatasi Masalah di Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is an old game from KONAMI. It is only natural that PES 6 is not compatible with the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10. Even by default, PES 6 games themselves do not support 64-bit operating systems. You who run PES 6 on the latest operating system or 64-bit OS sometimes experience various problems such as the message "The Game is Not Properly Installed" or Stuttering problem when playing PES 6 game when the computer specification is high enough. Well here are some tips & tricks to solve the problem in PES 6.

1. Turn off Antivirus

If you install PES 6 game on PC, it's good to turn off Antivirus first. Antivirus usually removes some files during installation process. Currently it is very difficult to get game Original PES 6, if you download the game PES 6 from the Internet make sure the site you visit really trusted so avoided from the PES 6 virus contents 😁.

2. Change Compability

Game PES 6 is a legacy game, so it is reasonable not to support the latest operating system. Fortunately Microsoft has added a feature of compability in Windows so that old programs or games can be played on the latest OS (well though not all the hell). Well, for PES 6, if using Windows 7, 8.1 or Windows 10, just change it to the old OS.

Just do the following steps : Right click on PES file 6.exe -> click Properties -> Compability -> Run This Program Compability Mode For -> Select Windows XP SP3 or SP2 and finish.

3. Overcoming the Message "The game is not properly Installed"

Usually this problem exists in 64-bit Windows after installing PES 6 and opening it, how to fix it quite easily. Just download your regfile PES 64-bit here -> Extract the file with WinRAR and click 2x on the reg file.

4. Stuttering

Stuttering in PES 6 is marked by a decrease in FPS during gameplay. I think Stuttering is quite annoying. Stuttering on PES 6 occurs when playing a PES 6 game on the latest Operating system even though it already has a qualified PC spec.

To fix this, you can try using D3DOverrider Application. How to live you install D3DOverrider App -> Select Add Profile -> Then find PES file 6.exe in PES 6 folder -> After that change Force V-Sync & Triple Buffering to On -> and open game PES 6.

Well, that's some tips and tricks to solve the problem in the PES 6 game from me. If you have other solutions or even better solutions can be added through comments, I will try to add to this post.


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