PES 6 Patch FIFA World Cup France 1998

PES 6 Patch FIFA World Cup France 1998 by PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition

Main Info:

-Extracted from Patch of the Season 98/99 by SPEC.
-Modified & Customized by Shahruddin Lahading.


-Menu graphics based on EA Sport World Cup 98.
-Background music selections from soundtrack of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98.
-All 32 national teams competed in 1998 FIFA World Cup.
-Teams location sorted according to groups.
-All kits & alternate combination.
-Faces & hair for most players.
-Correct boots for most players.
-Fixed formation & player stats.
-1998 FIFA World Cup scoreboard.
-1998 FIFA World Cup venues (10 stadiums).
-1998 FIFA World Cup (Adidas Tricolore).
-1998 FIFA World Cup referee kit.
-1998 FIFA World Cup opmov.
-HD FIFA World Cup trophy.

PES 6 Patch FIFA World Cup France 1998

How to Use

1. Download all files.

2. Run the installer.

3. Play !

No need PES 6 game, it's included inside the files.


-This in an exclusive patch of the tournament FIFA World Cup France 1998.
-Only the 32 national teams of FIFA World Cup 1998 can be used.
-Other teams are not available & leagues are disabled.
-For exhibition match, only the 1998 FIFA World Cup scoreboard can be used.


-SPEC-Marcin Dec (Poland)
-All editors (faces/balls/boots/kits/stadiums).
-PES 6 Shah Ruud Deen Edition

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